Community Health &
Cholera Prevention

A29 provides materials support to five clinics in Commune Anse Rouge and facilitates cholera prevention and treatment programs  in collaboration with local health committees, health agents and clinics.  Read More
Maya Nut: Trees, 
Nutrition & Women

A29's Maya Nut Program (known locally as "chokogou") brings Maya Nut seed from women's cooperatives in Central America to Commune Anse Rouge and beyond for improved health, reforestation, and business opportunities for women.  Read More

Salt Production for Economic Development & Iodization

Together with local salt producers and salt experts, A29 developed the first integrated plan for salt modernization and iodization for Haiti.  Currently 59% of Haiti's population is iodine deficient, but Haiti has the potential to produce all of the iodized salt it needs at a profit to producers.  Read More